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The moving truck is coming tomorrow to shift all my mother’s belongings from our house of 35 years and move it to her new place, just a few minutes away.  There is a very large dumpster parked in her driveway which holds mostly junk, but also some memories.  My two sisters and I went from Halifax down to Sydney on the July 1 long weekend to do our part.  They did all the heavy lifting, literally.  My brother-in-law also stood out in his hauling and flinging abilities into said dumpster.  We all have our talents, and while hauling things up and down stairs may not be mine I hope I was able to contribute something that weekend. 

It is funny how the “value” of things change depending on how tired you are, or how much space is now left in your stuffed car trunk.  We all got to take important things home, in some cases even when we didn’t know they still existed.  Apologies to the new owners for leaving the early 1970 version of the Collier’s Encyclopedia set up there, we just couldn’t haul that downstairs from the attic!  There were 2 old bridesmaid’s gowns of mine (both of which got turfed, just like both of those marriages are now turfed), my white grad prom gown, and various old papers etc.  I actually had my grading certificate from Grade 4 and showed my son that I did in fact get straight A’s in Grade 4 (which he just finished).  He then informed me that we only had 4 courses back then so it must have been easier to get straight A’s.  Yeah, that’s it.

I have tried to do what I can from 400km away.  I have found Mum her movers, a cleaning lady, sold some stuff on Kijiji, given advice (although I have never sold a house only bought one), and tried to be a positive voice for her when the house wasn’t selling and all this moving business was looming in front of her.  I am so glad it is over. 

I do hope the next owners are happy there but it’s more important that Mum is happy in the next part of her life.

It is our duty to care for the ones who once cared for us, and for us that is our Mum.   And I hope Dad is raising a glass of Smuggler’s Cove in heaven and thinks we did a good job.


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Mom of one quickly growing boy. Believe in God and try to practice my faith, unfortunately not always meeting my own expectations. Partner, daughter, sister, auntie and Proud Nova Scotian. Love a good Italian Pinot Grigio, and a cold beer on a hot day. Hockey fan, spend a whole lot of time in rinks and watching it on TV. Volunteer for stuff my kid is involved in and at church. List maker and wanna-be blogger. Love reading other blogs, subscribe to many and wish I could read them all regularly! Eternal optimist even if I shouldn’t be.

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  1. My Mom just moved out of her house two years ago, but she had lived there for 30+ years as well. It was tough going through all of the stuff that had been accumulated, and also saying goodbye to our childhood home. It was nice that you were there to help your Mom out!

  2. change is inevitable I guess, you can be grateful when you have some control over the when and the where though!

  3. That’s awesome! A very good read! Didn’t realize you liked doing this stuff! I’m glad your Mom got that all done, I’m sure it’s a big relief for everybody, enjoy the summer

  4. LOVE that picture!!! Too funny. I can relate to having decades of “memories and important stuff” to go through. I actually talked about it this week on my blog. You can check it out, Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho A Treasure Find Fer Me.

    Welcome to the blogging group. I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Life With Lorelai


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