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I Want Summer!

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We are coming to the end of Year 5 at Hillside Park Elementary in our house. Just a few short years ago I went to the Primary Orientation for our school and politely said hello to strangers who have now become friends. Alex’s friends, who started out as wee little kids holding tightly to their parent’s hand, are becoming the leaders in the school. We had a parent teacher night last month and as we walked through the school younger kids were yelling out “Hi Alex”, and it’s hard for me to believe that my boy is the one the little ones look up to now. For Reading Buddies he is now the older kid reading and helping the younger kids, when is seems like yesterday he was the smaller kid getting the help.

Each month we get a calendar sent home for the month with all the activities for the school. In the month of June Alex has no less than 3 field trips, a Fun Day, and a reward event as a Peer Mediator – all during school hours! So the fact that I don’t even want to make sure he reads at night anymore this year doesn’t make me feel one bit guilty. After all, I know he can read…When we go over what went on at school that day I find myself asking “is there a quiz on that?”, because if there is no quiz I am not too worried about it right about now! I am normally the organized one who fills in the forms and the orders right away and makes sure they get sent in. With only 3 weeks left I am digging for quarters for Hot Dog day and hoping he doesn’t miss the deadline.

The summer break from all that stuff is almost better now than when I was a kid.

And Thank God it’s finally shorts weather in Nova Scotia! Everyday just need clean socks, underwear, t-shirt and shorts – that’s the life. Doesn’t matter if it’s gym day or not! Life is easier in the summer that’s for sure.

The problems may start when school is over and I have to remember where he is that week though. Alex is registered for 3 different summer camp groups this summer, plus a fill in sitter for a few days. So I will be dropping him off at 5 different spots during the summer. For sure I will have a hard time remembering where he is that day and if I am the one picking him up….

For the first time ever really we are taking a nice long 10 days off at the end of July into August and I can’t wait. It is amazing how my perspective on the summer is different when I know I have a nice break half way through. Subconsciously I always find myself wishing the summer away so I can get to my vacation in mid-August, but not this year! Okay, it’s still 7 weeks away, yes I am counting, but so looking forward to the family reunion in the Boston area at the end of July. Lots of quality time together with my favorite people. There will be at least 100 people there. I can’t imagine people who come from small families. That’s one of the best things about social media. Otherwise I wouldn’t even know who had how many kids, never mind what they looked like.

So before I get too caught up in the Summer countdown I have Alex to remind me of all the end-of-year gifts/cards we need to do by Grading Day. In 5 years he has had 2 homeroom teachers from Glace Bay… we will get all of Halifax calling it Grading Day if it kills us!


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  1. LOL! I always found it odd that no one called it “Grading Day” in Ontario…and people didn’t get “Grading Gifts”!


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