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The Sandwich Generation

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Sandwich Generation – “those sandwiched between aging parents who need care and/or help and their own children”

Let me start by saying, I am not here to complain.

I have a 10 year old son and a 76 year old mother, who lives 4 hours away. So I guess I am the sandwich generation. My mother and her cat live in a way-too-big house that costs what should be an illegal amount to heat for about 8 months of the year. Thankfully she is healthy and is fine to live by herself. We lost Dad two years ago, and he NEVER would have moved, I am sure of it. I am happy that it is my father I got my stubborness from, not my mother, so she is starting the process of minor fixups and then listing the house. I am praying this goes well! The time we spend worrying about “what if she falls, what if she leaves the floor heater on overnight etc.etc”. And being far away makes it so much worse.

I so wish I had lots of money, could buy her the ideal place, and then fix up the old homestead and sell it. Unfortunately I have neither the time or the money for that. I know some others, some very close to me in fact, have to worry about distance and health issues with their parents. It’s such a big worry, and it is so true that it becomes payback time, it’s the child’s turn to worry about the parent.

On the other side of my sandwich is worrying about after school care, summer camps, and when is he old enough to be left at Home Alone. Just had a flash of that annoying blond kid from the movies…I remember being his age and in charge of the three younger than me! Imagine. I don’t mean being left alone, but I wasn’t much older than 10 when it started. So in this day and age we have to worry about schools closing, merging or grades being reconfigured so 10 year olds are going to Middle School. It really could keep you up at night if you let it. And I have lost sleep and trudged to public meetings about it, and time will tell what will happen.

I think I am too old for this stuff…can I have a nice bottle of wine with my sandwich please??


About alexs1mom

Mom of one quickly growing boy. Believe in God and try to practice my faith, unfortunately not always meeting my own expectations. Partner, daughter, sister, auntie and Proud Nova Scotian. Love a good Italian Pinot Grigio, and a cold beer on a hot day. Hockey fan, spend a whole lot of time in rinks and watching it on TV. Volunteer for stuff my kid is involved in and at church. List maker and wanna-be blogger. Love reading other blogs, subscribe to many and wish I could read them all regularly! Eternal optimist even if I shouldn’t be.

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  1. Glad to hear you mom is moving into a smaller place. Good luck with the move and sale. Hopefully this will put your mind at ease!

    I was just talking to someone the other day about the “sandwich generation”. Definitely a lot to worry about, but like you, I am not complaining. We are blessed 🙂


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