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Ten Years Later

Ten years ago today we were blessed with our boy.

We didn’t know if he was a boy or girl (at least I didn’t, Derek claims he could tell from one of the numerous ultrasounds I had in the last few weeks). When Alex was born, rather abruptly, and the doctor said it was a boy, the first thought in my head was “thank you for this little wonder”.

On his tenth birthday I will brag about my little wonder. Most of these brag worthy things have little to nothing to do with me or Derek, it’s just the way it is!

Alex has slept through the night since about 2 months of age, with maybe 10 nights in 10 years that he has woken up before morning. Yeah, for real. I tell the story about how God knew what he was doing when he gave me a sleeper, it may not have worked out so well with me on less sleep!

He was an ease to toilet train (thanks to Peggy) and our laziness I think. I didn’t really mind continuing to buy him pullups and he basically got sick of them I figure, and just starting using the pottie all the time.

I was physically sick at the thought of him starting school. He didn’t know a single kid going there because his sitter and then daycare were at the other side of town, so no kids from our neighborhood would have crossed paths with him. It’s so funny to me now when I know all the kids around here who lived so close all the time and we didn’t meet until school. He loves his school and did from the beginning. This week he won Moosehead hockey tickets at school for being the student who has been given the most “Positive Behaviour Referrals” in the whole school so far this year . Lesson – kids adapt better than adults do.

Alex is a great student (all A’s but one subject in December), but I worry about his work ethic (that’s one thing he can claim from me) and how much of a battle it can be some times.

Honestly, I expect A&E’s camera crew to show up to film an episode of Hoarders anytime. He will save anything and everything if I let him. I throw out a bag of stuff from his room weekly.

I hear other Moms of boys talk about their daredevilness and I am secretly happy Alex isn’t like that. I do wish though that he would be a little more adventurous sometimes, like when I have spent $5000 to go to Disney and he wants to ride the teacups….

So 10 years ago today, at 1:36pm, my Sweat Pea showed up, and the first time I saw him he had a bandaid on his head already (that’s another story). I am not sure how we got from that day to this day. Like every parent I don’t know where the time goes. He is the best kid in the world. He continues to make me the person I was meant to be.

I have complete confidence that the next 10 years will be way more challenging than the first 10 years.

I regularly find rocks in my dryer and I am eternally grateful that The Wiggles are no longer part of my life.DCP01152

I also daily give a big Thank You for the way my life turned out and the part this little person plays in it everyday.


About alexs1mom

Mom of one quickly growing boy. Believe in God and try to practice my faith, unfortunately not always meeting my own expectations. Partner, daughter, sister, auntie and Proud Nova Scotian. Love a good Italian Pinot Grigio, and a cold beer on a hot day. Hockey fan, spend a whole lot of time in rinks and watching it on TV. Volunteer for stuff my kid is involved in and at church. List maker and wanna-be blogger. Love reading other blogs, subscribe to many and wish I could read them all regularly! Eternal optimist even if I shouldn’t be.

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  1. What a blessing indeed! Happy Birthday Alex!

  2. Aww so nice 🙂 Alex needs to come have a talking to Miss Maria who, at 7 months has yet to sleep longer than 5 hours at any one time. Happy Birthday!

  3. Tears, Virginia, tears!!! So beautiful, this little birthday tribute to Alex. Happy Birthday!


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