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I was just in the kitchen at work warming up my lunch, reading the first few pages of today’s newspaper. On the front page were stories of the return of the HMCS Charlottetown, after 247 days overseas. There were pictures of some of them coming off the ship to see their 2 and 4 year old kids. That’s almost half their life away from your 2 year old! Then a few pages in are pictures from the 911 remembrance in NYC. Young teenagers reading off their Dad’s names in memorial. They had them in their lives for a couple of years, tops.

So, when you are fighting with your family this week, trying to get back into the groove of school and everything that goes along with that – take a minute and be grateful that you have them all home with you to argue with. Many, many people do not. And they are not all soldiers away serving their country, they are countless families that I know who are split up due to work commitments in other parts of the country or world.

I had tears in my eyes (whimp) as I read those stories this morning, and I am glad I have my guys to fight with, and hope to remember that when the next round of arguing starts!


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Mom of one quickly growing boy. Believe in God and try to practice my faith, unfortunately not always meeting my own expectations. Partner, daughter, sister, auntie and Proud Nova Scotian. Love a good Italian Pinot Grigio, and a cold beer on a hot day. Hockey fan, spend a whole lot of time in rinks and watching it on TV. Volunteer for stuff my kid is involved in and at church. List maker and wanna-be blogger. Love reading other blogs, subscribe to many and wish I could read them all regularly! Eternal optimist even if I shouldn’t be.

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